Delaware Valley Adoption Council


The following is a list of other organizations that are active in the general field of adoption. It is not an inclusive or exhaustive listing but, based on our experience, they all have something to offer regarding the world of adoption. 

Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute - to improve the quality of information about adoption, to enhance the understanding and perception of adoption, and to advance adoption policy and practice. 

Joint Council on International Childrens' Services - (JCICS) advocates for homeless children around the world. Composed od agencies and individuals with an interest and passion for international adoption and the health and welfare of children without permanent homes in countries other then the United States. International Adoption-JCICS 

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse - a comprehensive resource on all aspects of adoption, is a service of the Children's Bureau, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Administration for Children and Families, Department of Health and Human Services. National Adoption Information Clearinghouse. 

Center for Adoption Support and Education - an independent, non-profit organization offering support and education services which concentrate on the special joys and challenges facing adopted children and their families. C.A.S.E. objectives are to provide: 
A safe place for children to share their thoughts and feelings about adoption; 
Educational and supportive programs which embrace families from all adoptive experiences; 
Knowledgeable professionals who can educate others in the helping community to understand the unique issues presented by adoption; 
A network of mental health professionals specially trained in adoption; and, 
A link to the growing field of study and program development occurring nationally and internationally in adoption.