About Us

About the Delaware Valley Adoption Council

The Delaware Valley Adoption Council (DVAC) is a nonprofit consortium of over forty public and private agencies, individuals, and groups in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania who are dedicated to promoting and advancing the cause of adoption in the Tri-State region.

There are four officer positions (Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer) and various Committee Chairpersons that oversee the function of DVAC.

Membership Advantages

Access to the latest information about adoption issues, policies, achievements and events in the adoption field including foster care adoption, special needs adoption, domestic and international adoption.

Access to professional education, training, and information on current adoption trends and receive continuing education credits for some training sessions. Special trainings are available for resource families to attend.

Support to an association that represents a community of caring adoption individuals, groups, and agencies and you belong to the largest network of adoption professionals within the Delaware Valley region.

Opportunity to collaborate and network with adoption professionals on a regular basis, share ideas and actively participate in committees that serve the consortium and take part in the annual adoption matching event.

Moreover, members can make a difference in the lives of children and families experiencing adoption by consulting with other agencies about best practice trends, learning about current legislation and how it affects the adoption triad, and gaining knowledge about current adoption issues and how they impact the children and families.